Just now I am listening to a very good and interesting interview about the German collecting society GEMA. Unfortunately it is in German only. But for those who understand it: Take the time and listen to it. It is really worth the time. It explains a lot of aspects about the GEMA that are not broadly discussed. But they are very important to understand the current discussion in Germany.


Automation is the paradigm of our time. You can see it everywhere. But this service carries it to extreme. Think about the idea that someone sends you an email and the attachement is already saved to the correct directory on your cloud drive while it appears in your inbox. That's Openera:


The future of retail

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No one knows what the future will look like. But it is always interesting to have look on the left and on the right. A few month ago I found this two presentations about the future of retail. The presentation itself is not very catchy but but some of the ideas are really good. So please have a look and write a comment if you want:



Motion pictures of passionate people

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There are so many ways to express yourself. Last week i saw three pieces of beautiful art. One about sport, another about t-hsirt design and the last was about the artist in the digital age. All of them are great. So I decided to show them here. Have fun:





Mein kleines Statement zur Berliner Wahl 2011

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Tim Renner schrieb vorhin auf Facebook: "Wakeup Call: Eine digitale Gesellschaft kann man nicht analog regieren!" Da scheint einiges dran zu sein. Aber was heisst denn dann digital regieren? Und wie sieht das aus mit der Macht in einer digitalen Gesellschaft. Einmal mal mehr lasse ich Prof. Peter Kruse dazu etwas sagen:

Peter Kruse: Die kommenden Tage (III) from Stifterverband on Vimeo.